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Discover MOWIN: Your Go-To Customized Yoga Product Supplier

Welcome to MOWIN, a leading supplier of customized yoga products. With over 20 years of experience in yoga mat manufacturing, our factory has been dedicated to producing high-quality mats that meet the highest industry standards. Our team of skilled engineers and professional workers take pride in crafting products that cater to the unique needs of yoga enthusiasts worldwide.

● Over 30 years of expertise in rubber foaming

● A dedicated technical team of 10+ experts and 50+ professional workers

● Advanced production facilities, including 2 foaming lines, 3 cutting machines, 10+ engraving machines, 2 embossing machines, and 3 transfer printing machines

● Annual production capacity of 1,200,000 pieces

● A spacious factory area of 8,000 square meters

● 100 dedicated employees committed to delivering top-notch quality

Choose MOWIN for unparalleled expertise and dedication in creating customized yoga products that elevate your practice and reflect your unique vision.

Industry-Leading Certifications and Compliance:

● SGS-tested for 10 heavy metals, meeting EU market ROHS (10) standards

● Certified by REACH (210 items) and toy EN71 test, surpassing Germany's stringent PAHS requirements

● Formaldehyde test compliant, making our yoga mats safe for skin contact and even oral use – a distinction held only by MOWIN in China

● BSCI-certified, ensuring the highest quality materials for yoga mats, gym mats, earth mats, game mats, and more

Choose MOWIN for customized yoga products that meet the most rigorous industry standards, providing you with safe, high-quality mats to enhance your practice and elevate your brand.

Custom Yoga Mats by MOWIN – OEM for Top Yoga Mat Brands

Elevate your yoga practice with MOWIN's premium customized yoga mats. Our expert manufacturing skills have earned the trust of renowned brands such as ALO, Liforme, Gaiam, and Adidas. Allow us to bring your unique vision to life with our exceptional craftsmanship and unwavering commitment to quality. Contact MOWIN today to embark on your journey towards a personalized yoga experience that enhances both your practice and your brand.

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Get in Touch with MOWIN for Customized Yoga Mats

Ready to bring your custom yoga mat vision to life? At MOWIN, we make the design process seamless and hassle-free. Share your ideas, screenshots, and notes with us via EMAIL or WHATSAPP in a Word Doc or PDF file. You can also send tech packs or line drawings to help us better understand your requirements.

For a comprehensive look at our offerings, download our Catalogue to explore all available items. Our team is eager to collaborate with you and create the perfect customized yoga products to elevate your practice.

Choose MOWIN for exceptional quality and personalized service that sets your brand apart.

Discover Perfect Custom Yoga Mat for Your Brand

Explore Our Wide Range of Eco-friendly and High-Quality Materials

Before customizing your yoga mat, it's essential to understand the various materials available to ensure you get the perfect fit for your practice. MOWIN offers a diverse selection of high-quality, eco-friendly yoga mat materials to suit every yogi's needs.

Here's a quick overview of the materials we offer:

● PU Rubber Yoga Mat: Combines natural rubber and PU for a soft, tough, and cost-effective option.

● 100% Natural Rubber Yoga Mat: Eco-friendly, durable, and easy to clean.

● Jute Rubber Yoga Mat: Lightweight with an excellent grip and balance due to the crude texture of jute.

● Cork Rubber Yoga Mat: Renewable, biodegradable, and breathable material with great grip and balance.

● Suede Rubber Yoga Mat: Suitable for all kinds of printing and accepts recycled microfiber customization.

● Thin Rubber Travel Yoga Mat: Any of the above mats can be made thinner for easy portability during travel.

For a closer look at our offerings, download our Catalogue and find the ideal customized yoga mat for your practice.

Get a sample fast to check the material and quality, if you need to do the customized of the yoga mat, please contact us and send us your design, mowin will advise the best for your brand.

Sample possible: 1. Material customized 2. size customized 3.color customized 4. logo print at your require 5. packing customized


Customize Your Yoga Mat with MOWIN – A Step-by-Step Guide

Once you've selected the ideal material and design for your custom yoga mat, MOWIN will guide you through the customization process to create a truly unique product.

Step 1: Decide on the Size

Step 2: Choose the Color

Step 3: Pick a Printing Method

Step 4: Customized packing details

MOWIN specializes in innovative solutions for yoga and fitness brands, focusing on new designs, technologies, and materials. Stay at the forefront of the yoga and fitness industry with our cutting-edge, eco-friendly, and customized products.

Custom Yoga Mat Sizes for Every Need

MOWIN helps customers stand out in the market by offering a diverse selection of yoga mat sizes and shapes. We cater to various markets and brands, and also provide custom sizing and thickness options to suit your needs.

Customizable Yoga Mat Sizes and Shapes

● Choose from our extensive Size Chart with various dimensions

● Customize the thickness, from 1.5mm to 10mm for rubber yoga mats

● Opt for unique shapes like oval or round designs

Whether you're looking for a specific size or shape, MOWIN is committed to providing the perfect customized yoga mat for your brand and clientele. Start creating your unique yoga mat today!

Custom Yoga Mat Print Logo to Match Your Design

Select a color that complements your design and appeals to your target market. MOWIN offers Pantone color matching – simply provide the Pantone reference number, and we'll create a swatch for approval before bulk production. We can also incorporate patterns and designs onto your yoga mats:

● Laser Engrave Printing: Popular and cost-effective, suitable for logo and full mat printing.

● Foil Silver/Golden Printing: Shiny and eye-catching, suited for logos less than 30cm.

● Embossed Logo: High-quality and non-destructive, ideal for logos less than 30cm.

● UV/Digital Printing: Eco-friendly dye materials, suitable for full mat colorful printing.

● Silk Screen Printing: Ideal for one or more solid color printing, both logo and full mat printing.

Simply send us your logo file, and we'll help you create the perfect custom yoga mat.

Get a sample fast to check the material and quality, if you need to do the customized of the yoga mat, please contact us and send us your design, mowin will advise the best for your brand.

Sample possible: 1. Material customized 2. size customized 3.color customized 4. logo print at your require 5. packing customized


Custom Yoga Mat Colors to Match Your Style

Choose from Over 50 Vibrant PU Leather Colors for Your Customized Yoga Mat

MOWIN offers an extensive range of color options to help you create the perfect custom yoga mat that aligns with your brand and appeals to your target audience.

Personalize Your Yoga Mat with Unique Colors

● Select from over 70 PU leather colors for the top layer of your yoga mat

● Customize the natural rubber bottom layer, typically in black

● Create a cohesive color series for a strong brand identity and selling point

● Page showcases the in-stock PU rubber yoga mat colors available for your

customization needs.

Custom Yoga Mat Packaging Solutions by MOWIN


MOWIN offers a variety of customized packaging solutions to elevate your yoga mat brand's presentation and ensure safe shipping. Our packaging options include:

● Customized yoga mat packing paper

● Label (description) paper

● Individual packing boxes

● Mailer boxes

Additional Services

● FBA and third-party warehouse packing services

● Whole container and LCL shipping packing services

Below picture showcases examples of label paper packing, tissue paper, strong tubes, colorful boxes, and outer cartons designed for durability and visual appeal.

Choose MOWIN for personalized, beautiful, and sturdy packaging solutions that reflect the quality of your brand and protect your yoga mats during shipping. Get started on your custom packaging journey today!

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