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MOWIN understand that when you have an idea want to begin the yoga brand, it is important to creat beautiful design for your brand, but if find a designer do this for us, always the cost is very high, and also it takes long time to understand the material, the market trending, the custom quality, and the custom cost, at last usually the moq is high with original custom at the beginning, all these bring high cost, MOWIN have been manufacturing custom-made yoga mat and accessories over 20 years for many reneowned brand, all the material is high quality in domestic and imported, organic, recycled material into our production. We are dedicated to supplying start-up and established brands with the best quality Yoga mat and accessories at the competitive price, produced in the shortest possible time-frame.

Three ways to handover

The most popular method of handing over your custom designs is by sending screenshots and notes of the changes you wish to implement in a Word Doc or PDF file by EMAIL or WHATSAPP. You can also send over tech packs or line drawings

If you’re selecting from our Ready To Order Designs, please fill out our for Yoga mat accessories Ready Design Form.

Select to mix up some of your own custom designs with some of ours, using screenshots and our codes as an EMAIL.

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Ready Designs:
If you’re looking for some inspiration, why not pick your styles from our best-selling shapes of 2024, as well as our knowledge of trending designs of yoga mat catalog. Do not hesitate to contact us to begin your brand. To save your time, after download the catalog, you only just need to wirte down the material, color size and custom require if needed, then send to us, we will guide you to take the order, and gather the all list and send fast to you, and you are ready to begin selling.

With increasing numbers of consumers choosing sustainable Activewear brands, there’s never been a better time to get started than now.

More Than 500% profit:

Our yoga mat most of them lower than $15.00, around $12.00, $10.00 after you to be our VIP and if buy at large quantites, and most of mowin's customers sell at more than $80.00 at least, and many sell at more than $100.00, it bring rich profit on our in-stock deisgns,

As you’re in this to make money, good business practice is to compare our price with any other, ensuring you request they use higher-grade imported material rather using lower-quality that is lower density, touches and smelling bad. 

If you’re seeking top-notch production at the lowest possible price, then you’re in the right place.

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