Customized sample before bulk order


Are you worried about the quality of the products before you place an order ? Do you want to know exactly how your bulk will look like before the goods shipped out ? How do you ensure the product you’re ordering is of the quality you expect ? Sampling will help you to solve all above issues.

A sample is seems to be a very small order, normally one unit of an item you are interested in placing a large order of. It’s a low-risk way to inspect the product yourself for color, quality, materials, and more.

The importance to order a sample

During the sampling process, you’ll be able to assess what it’s like to work with us. We always  provide all the assistance you require , such as give you answers in detail for all your inquiries, send you photos or videos of the samples for checking once the samples finished. Ordering a sample also helps you to know more about the product which you are interested in.

Types of samples

After you’ve decided you want to order a sample, it’s important to know there are 2 types of samples, and which option you’d like.

1.Quality samples, it is already made according to the normal specifications. These are ideal if you just want to check the quality of the product that doesn’t require any customization, so samples can be shipped very quickly.

2.Custom samples, these are samples made to your unique design or specifications. This can be a long process, and it takes much times than the quality samples, because we need to print or make a new mould to create your exact product.

Payment of samples

You can pay for your sample using any of the payment methods, Alipay, T/T, credit card, or paypal.

Once we received your payment of the samples, we will arrange the samples as follow delivery.

Delivery of samples

We are seriously with the sample order,  you will get the sample fast, mowin will send the sample as follow days, in-stock design without logo 2 work days, in-stock with logo in 5 works days, customized design 15 work days.

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