Choose design from mowin's in-stock design, begin your yoga brand fast. Fahion design, eco friendly material are usually used for our apparel.


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MOWIN understand that when you have an idea want to begin the yoga brand, it is important to creat beautiful design for your brand, but if find a designer do this for us, always the cost is very high, and also it takes long time to understand the material, the market trending, the custom quality, and the custom cost, at last usually the moq is high with original custom at the beginning, all these bring high cost, MOWIN have been manufacturing custom-made yogawear and mat accessories over 20 years for many reneowned brand, all the material is high quality in domestic and imported, recycled fabrics into our production. , the most important, created more than 500 designs to help you begin fast for your brand, each week will update new arrival, We are dedicated to supplying start-up and established brands with the best quality Yogawear.

MOWIN supply the logo custom, packing custom, if you need these extra job, please contact us by email or by WhatApp 0086 15258534321.

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