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How to Choose the Best Custom Yoga Mat for Your Needs

Yoga is a popular sport that requires a good-quality mat for a comfortable and safe practice. With a variety of yoga mats available in the market, choosing the right one...

Yoga is a popular sport that requires a good-quality mat for a comfortable and safe practice. With a variety of yoga mats available in the market, choosing the right one for your needs can be challenging.You will consider the material of mat, the size , the thickness and the grip of mat, also the design on the mat. Mowin can reach all your requests and do private customization yoga mat.

1. Consider the Material

The material of the yoga mat is a crucial factor in determining the level of comfort and grip. There are various options such as PU rubber, TPE, cork, and PVC. PU rubber yoga mats are the most popular choice due to their excellent grip. Mowin offers customized PU rubber yoga mats that can be tailored to your needs.

2. Determine the Size and Thickness 

The size and thickness of the yoga mat are also essential. The standard size of a yoga mat is 183 x 68cm, but Mowin offers a slightly longer size of 185 x 68cm. The thickness of the yoga mat ranges from 2mm to 5mm. A 5mm mat is thicker and softer, making it ideal for beginners, while a 2mm mat is lightweight and easy to carry. If you'd like to learn more about yoga mat thickness options, you can go

Customized Yoga Mats: A Branding Guide for Standout Marketing

3. Check the Grip

The grip of the yoga mat is crucial for performing various yoga poses safely. Mowin believes that PU rubber yoga mats offer the best grip and provides different PU materials to cater to the needs of different customers

4. Decide on the Logo

Every brand has a unique logo and MOWIN offers a variety of printing options to make your logo stand out.

Laser printing is quick, cheap, and produces beautiful results. Silk screen printing is complex and colorful but requires a mold fee for the logo. UV printing is also colorful and beautiful, but may have a slight color fading problem with dark colors. Digital printing can be a full print of the mat, but may also have color fading and can be slippery. Thermoprint, emboss logo, and metallic gold print are all high-quality but only suit small logos. Woven and leather labels are also nice but are more suitable for TPE or PVC mats due to their increased rejection rate on PU rubber mats. 

5. Customize Your Yoga Mat

  • If you have available logo design, just send it to us by email We will recommend the logo form that works best for your logo. Then we will do mock up with your logo or design.
  • If you don’t have available logo, no worries. Just tell us your request and idea. Our designer will do mock up according to these information.
  • Pay the sample fees after confirming the mock up. It will take 3-5days to do a sample of custom yoga mat. We will take photos for approvingagain before shipping out this customized yoga mat sample.
  • The next step is bulk production after you approve the sample. For the bulk production, there are different kinds of package, such as customized wrap paper and individual box with customized logo.
  • The final and importantstep is shipment. Don't worry about your lack of import experience, we can ship the yoga mats to your door.


In conclusion, a custom yoga mat can help enhance your practice and promote your brand. Consider the material, size, thickness, grip, logo, and design when choosing a custom yoga mat. With Mowin's simple and efficient customization process, you can create a yoga mat tailored to your needs.

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