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Customized Yoga Mats: A Branding Guide for Standout Marketing

Wondering which Mowin Yoga mat to start a yoga studio or expand your yoga mat range? Well, wonder no more because our customization guide gives you the lowdown on each...

Wondering which Mowin Yoga mat to start a yoga studio or expand your yoga mat range? Well, wonder no more because our customization guide gives you the lowdown on each of our mats and recommends the perfect one for your brand. Of course, all of our mats are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, great grippy, generously proportioned to fit people of all sizes, and come in a variety of unique and original logo printing designs that highlight your brand’s characteristics, deepening the impression of your brand and winning you a broad market.



There are dozens of materials for yoga mats, such as pure rubber, PU rubber, jute rubber, cork rubber, TPE, PVC, jute PVC and so on. Among them,PU rubber yoga mat is one of the most popular and durable mat. It has a durable rubber bottom and an amazing grippy surface.


 There are 5 basic sizes, 173*61cm, 180*61cm, 183*61cm,183*66cm, 183*68cm for rectangle shape yoga mats. Oval-shaped mats are available in 183*68cm, 185*68cm, and 190*68cm. We also offer customized size , such as extra-large or child-sized mats, to support every yoga brand.


As regards the thickness, we offer a range of popular thicknesses, such as 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, 6mm. Of course we also have thin travel mats that are 1.5mm or 2mm thick. If you need thicker mat for health rehabilitation, we can support 8mm or 10mm thickness as well.


Throughout the whole market, the vast majority of yoga mats are rectangular, and Mowin, not only can offer regular rectangular yoga mat, but also can do high appearance level oval yoga mat that is different, refreshing and help your brand stand out from the rest of the pack. Eye-catching is the key to winning the market, firmly believe that magic sound yoga mat can bring you a different market development experience.

Logo printing

Every brand has a unique logo and MOWIN offers a variety of printing options to make your logo stand out.

Laser printing is quick, cheap, and produces beautiful results. Silk screen printing is complex and colorful but requires a mold fee for the logo. UV printing is also colorful and beautiful, but may have a slight color fading problem with dark colors. Digital printing can be a full print of the mat, but may also have color fading and can be slippery. Thermoprint, emboss logo, and metallic gold print are all high-quality but only suit small logos. Woven and leather labels are also nice but are more suitable for TPE or PVC mats due to their increased rejection rate on PU rubber mats.



High quality packaging means high quality products, people always have this subconscious. When we talk about packaging, it's about the paper sleeve and the inner box of the yoga mat. Beautiful and practical paper sleeve often covers the product logo, instructions and maintenance tips. The beautiful inner box can not only protect the yoga mat from being damaged in transit, but also make customers yearn for the product. In a word, good packing will be a great addition to your brand.


With Mowin Yoga’s customization options, you can have a different kind of yoga mat that appeals to young people and is a great addition to your brand.

So, how to customize your own yoga brand?

Step 1: Choose your preferred material, size and thickness and PU surface color.

Step 2: Check with us about logo printing and packing.

Step 3: Check with us about price according to your customization and quantity.

Step 4: Confirm every detail and place your order.

Step 5: Pay a 30% deposit.

Step 6: Arrange production and confirm delivery time, shipping mark and so on.

Step 7: Pay the balance before shipping.

Step 8: Receive your mats and provide us your feedback.


I believe you have developed a strong interest in customized yoga mats. Different combinations make each customized yoga mat unique. Having a different kind of yoga mat is also a common hobby for most young people today.





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