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  WHERE IT ALL BEGAN It all began with a sincere friendship which guide us the yoga career. Our CEO Eric had a good friend Linda from Europe when he was in university. They had...



It all began with a sincere friendship which guide us the yoga career. Our CEO Eric had a good friend Linda from Europe when he was in university. They had the same interest in yoga and did yoga together during the university life. Before they met again in 2017, Linda had been stressed about her work after graduated but only yoga could make her relaxed while Eric always wanted to create his own business which based on the enthusiasm of yoga. Therefore, they hit it off and collaborate to create a new yoga custom clothing brand——MOWIN YOGA! Customers such as supermarket purchasers, yoga brand owners, fitness managers have been attracted and have sent inquiries for customized yoga items in the past 5 years.

Mowin’s affordably-priced pieces are praised and loved by our cooperators and our adherence to fashion and environmental concepts is also well received.



Each yoga product such as yoga bras, leggings, sleeves and yoga mats  by MOWIN is carefully designed and crafted to meet customer’s brand request. MOWIN scrupulously chooses and uses only high quality materials without any toxic or harmful dyes, and take much pride in making sure products are eco-friendly, sustainable and biodegradable. As the manufacturer, MOWIN has the duty to keep the earth animate and pollution-immune and to provide yogis, adventurers and athletes with more comfortable, diverse and environmentally friendly clothing.



Facing with dwindling natural resources, overflowing landfills and plastic in our oceans, recycled material becomes MOWIN‘s new fabric “darling”. The Lightweight and breathable features of recycled fabric makes it perfect for both yoga and daily life. A range of fabrics in a wide range of cuts, colors, prints and formulas intended to fit an array of preferences and lifestyles. Having recyclable products is a new trend in the market especially yoga brand that dedicated to health and nature.



Offering accessible, high-quality yoga wear helps MOWIN’s cooperators all over the world win much more market share. Mowin’s recycled fabric not only stays ahead of the market and trend, but also brings us a wonderful experience of customization.

Mowin offers leggings at an affordable price point, ranging from $12 to $25, making it a popular choice among yoga enthusiasts. With its ability to support a variety of custom designs and colors, as well as its approachable prices, Mowin has become a sought-after brand in the yoga industry. In contrast, numerous yoga brand’s recycled leggings can cost upwards of $200 to $700. Despite the higher price, Mowin's exceptional after-sales service has earned the trust of customers and contributed to its growing popularity.



MOWIN always shares the same core values and aspirationswith cooperators as well as the terminal customers. MOWIN insists on good, eco-friendly and recycled material and profitable price to support yoga  players in the market as well as new yoga brands.

Sustainability is another main mission of MOWIN’s ultimate mission . Mowin strives to achieve it by using organic cotton, recycled material and reducing unnecessary waste, keeping a low-carbon.


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