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What Are The Best Product for Starting A Business?-----Custom Yoga Mats

Many entrepreneurs will worry about what products to start a business, simple but less risky. We think yoga mat is a good project, that is easy to start. Yoga mats are...

Many entrepreneurs will worry about what products to start a business, simple but less risky. We think yoga mat is a good project, that is easy to start. Yoga mats are popular and essential product for anyone who practices yoga. Here are a few reasons why starting a yoga mat business could be a good option.

Growing Market

Yoga's popularity is on the rise, and so is the demand for yoga mats worldwide. COVID-19 has also contributed to an increase in demand for at-home yoga mats. As a yoga mat business owner, you can capitalize on this expanding market by offering high-quality mats that cater to your local market. MOWIN offers a range of materials and sizes, including PU rubber, TPE, PVC, and cork.



                                       PU RUBBER YOGA MAT




tpe yoga mat


cork yoga mat 

            cork yoga mat


Low Startup Costs

Compared to other businesses, starting a yoga mat business can be relatively inexpensive. You can start small business by purchasing a few mats and building your inventory from there. As we know, yoga mat has fixed size, such as 185*68cm, 183*68cm or 183*61cm. Mowin has many cutting molds in different sizes for entrepreneurs to choose from.

Pu rubber yoga mat is Mowin’s hot sale product, so we keep many colors of yoga mats in stock. It gives entrepreneurs a huge choice. We accept low minimum order quantity.

pu colors options

Opportunity for Creativity

While many standard yoga mats exist on the market, there is an opportunity for creativity when it comes to design. MOWIN can help you create customized yoga mats that stand out. We offer various logo options, such as laser engraving, embossing, screen printing, and digital printing. Additionally, professional designers can assist you in creating the perfect design to suit your brand. Download MOWIN’s templates, customize your colors and patterns, and add your brand logo to make the mats unique. Click our WHOLESALE to choose the design, or download the MOWIN Catalog for our in-stock 2023 new design

Convenient delivery

We can pack individual box for each mat, so you can use this box as express package while you deliver them to customers. Nice package will keep mat safe and clean. It is always perfect when it arrives customers hands.

yoga mat package

Flexible working hours

Selling yoga mats might be the perfect opportunity for you.With flexible working hoursyou can tailor your schedule to fit your personaife. reducing stress and allowing vou to takecare of important obligations.Mowin can help you get started with evervthing from sourcinghigh-quality materials to customizing your matsand delivering them right to your door. Contactus to learn more about how we can support youlentrepreneurialjourney in the yoga mat business.

Starting a yoga mat business is a viable and rewarding option for those interested in the health and wellness industry. By researching the market, finding the right materials and suppliers, and focusing on creative branding and marketing strategies, you can build a successful and profitable business that helps people lead healthier lives. To learn more about how MOWIN can assist you in starting your business, visit their website or contact us for more information.


FAQ 1: Which material of yoga mat sells best? 

Different customer needs different material. TPE yoga mat is more competitive on price, but pu rubber yoga mat has good grip, it's more popular with yoga practitioners. 

FAQ 2: How's the quality of pu rubber yoga mat?

We use China A grade pu material and imported natural rubber. It's anti slip and durable. Welcome to purchase sample for checking quality. 



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